Remotix VNC RDP Remote Desktop 5.1.1

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Control your Mac or PC. The most powerful Apple Remote Desktop and VNC client.


Remotix provides a fast and flawless remote desktop performance on your Android device. It is the only VNC client with full support of Apple Remote Desktop (ARD) protocol, providing a seamless experience for Mac users.

***** Support for most of servers

Remotix allows you to connect remotely to Mac OS X, Windows and Linux. With full support of Apple Remote Desktop (ARD) protocol, it creates a seamless experience for Mac users.

We have successfully tested Remotix with:

- Apple Screen Sharing server (present in every Mac OS X),
- Vine Server (OSXvnc),
- UltraVNC (Windows),
- TightVNC (Windows).

***** Full support for Apple adaptive encoding

Apple codec minimizes buffering and guarantees a fast start time. It also provides a fast and flawless remote desktop performance on average and slow connections. That makes Remotix the most comfortable VNC and ARD client for iOS if you are using connections via internet.

***** Extended keyboard layout

Figuring out how to press F1 or copy a file remotely? Remotix extended keyboard include the most important Mac keys missing on iOS like copy/paste, undo/redo, esc and function keys (F1 through F10). You’ll also find a set of arrow keys to scroll here.

Want to send the message in Unicode format? Turn the clipboard mode on and send any special characters via clipboard.

***** International keyboard support

For your convenience, you can enable local specific keyboard. Remotix currently supports English (US), English (Great Britain), English (IE), French, French Swiss, French Canadian, Belgian, Spanish, Italian, Danish, Norwegian, Russian and Swedish.

***** Full set of multitouch gestures

You can get the functionality of a keyboard and touchpad on your mobile device:

- double tapping with two fingers to right click;
- two finger swipe to scroll;
- pinch/zoom;
- two finger pan to move off the visible part of the screen.

***** Flexible server connection configuration

You can change settings like color depth and adaptive quality (on/off) while connecting to a server.

***** Optional server-side scaling

Remote desktop will be fitted to your mobile device screen width. On a small screen size you can increase transmission speed by turning on Server scaling. Remotix will reduce the amount of transmitted data (number of transmitted image pixels) without influence on image quality.

***** Nearby server search and setup without user intervention

Don't waste any time setting up your servers. Remotix will find nearby servers and set things up for you via Bonjour.

***** Security without the inconvenience

- Mac OS X authentication support;
- Microsoft Windows authentication support (Ultra VNC);
-VNC Password Authentication.

***** Hidden Mac Dock and Windows taskbar

Find the Dock or taskbar if they are hidden. Just drag screen off the edges to make them appear.

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